LipRevolt is a Beauty Brand and Fundraising Company driven by the profound purpose of harnessing the power of beauty to influence positive change, leaving a tangible and lasting impact on the world, accomplished through providing high-quality, inclusive lip products and a fundraising platform that empowers and inspires customers to make meaningful contributions.

LipRevolt offers an extensive selection of lip colors that flatter every skin complexion. Our items are not only paraben-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, but our distinct pigmentation caters to various skin undertones.
As a black-woman-owned brand, we make sure everyone, but especially people of color and marginalized communities, see themselves represented in LipRevolt. We are diverse and inclusive, representing a wider range of skin and lip tones in our products and marketing campaigns.
Our fundraising platform allows girl and women- oriented non-profit organizations and groups to host lipstick fundraisers. ($30,000+ raised to date). Plus, we are launching our "Pretty is What Pretty Does Days of Service" to turn beauty into an action and make a difference in our community.