What's Next, Changemaker?

Aug 3, 2020

What's Next, Changemaker?

Great, you've taken the first step! You purchased lipstick from LipRevolt which donates 15% of net profits to women's rights, LGBT rights, and civil rights organizations! Still have an itch to do more? Wondering what's next? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Get Registered to Vote

There are several reasons to exercise your right to vote. Some people vote because they are against or for an issue like income inequality or abortion rights. Some vote because they are against a candidate (we won't name names but you know who!). Others vote to honor their ancestors who fought for the right to vote. The reasons are endless but there is one commonality; they vote! You can and should vote, if you're eligible because every vote counts!

If you need to register to vote, visit vote.gov. If you're already registered and don't vote, find your reason to get to the polls.

Before voting make sure you are informed about the candidates and their platforms. 

Photo of Women's March

Contact your Congressperson

Remember that your congressperson works for you. It is their responsibility to represent the constituents within their districts. One way to get your voice heard and make sure they're doing their job is to reach out to them! You can do this a few ways; by phone, email, in-person, and fax. There are also a few apps that will assist in contacting your representatives, like countable and votespotter. To contact them the old school way, click the links below:



Volunteer with a local campaign

Once you know the candidates or causes that you support, work with them on a more personal level. If it is a campaign season, you can support your favorite candidate by canvassing (going door to door and talking to people in the community) or phone banking (talking to people in the community on the phone) about the candidate. If you are interesting in supporting a cause, like equal pay, find an organization that may need help setting up for events or spreading the word.

Attend a Rally or a March

Assembling in one location (or in some cases many locations) to unite over shared ideas and to show our strength in numbers has always been a strategic form of activism. You can march for many reasons, to end violence, to end the oppression of marginalized communities, to protect immigrant rights, to ensure access to clean water and education. 

Run for Office

In order to shape the United States and the world into a place that is more loving, more inclusive, and more just, we have to reshape our leadership. The 2019 election season showed us that we can enter these political spaces but also reminded us that there is still work to be done. A record-breaking 117 women won political office which included 42 women of color, and at least 3 were LGBTQ. However, there are over 500,000 elected offices in the US, and less than a third are held by women. We need leaders just like you to run for office. I charge you to be bold, be fearless, and run! We are depending on you!


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